FW VEOLO 4K beta v1.1

โดย: ยุ้ย [IP: 110.168.214.xxx]
เมื่อ: 2014-12-12 12:17:35

- Passthrough now works in XBMC.

Please use the special XBMC version below

Inside XBMC, ensure that the following are met:

- "Enable passthrough" checked

- "Dolby Digital (AC3) capable receiver" checked

- "Enable Dolby Digital transcoding" checked

- "DTS capable receiver" checked

This allows passthrough up to maximum 5.1 surround sound. 7.1 surround files can still be played, but will passthrough as 5.1, and not PCM. We are still working to add full 7.1 support (i.e. TrueHD, DTS HD-MA) so stay tuned.

- Occasionally when changing resolution, size of icons & assets didn't change accordingly (e.g. changing from 720p to 1080p sometimes retained big icon size, even though the icons have higher DPi and are sharper). This should now adjust accordingly to the resolution set.

- Replaced previously wrong mouse icon when using IR remote.

- Firmware is now pre-rooted for greater flexibility.

- Fixed a bug previously preventing users from changing wallpaper.

- Removed redundant options found in System Settings (e.g. Display > Movie Mode)

- Performance improvement & miscellaneous bug fixes


- Shortcuts for user installed apps (non-default ones) sometimes were not appearing as they should. This is now fixed.


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